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Who We Are 'Accurate Educare'

Accurate Educare was founded with one of aim in mind, bridging the gap between excellent minds and their dream university, thus helping them reach their potential. Run by a well experienced them, we operate all over the world.

Our service is complete. We begin with identifying the profile and needs of the student and advising the student to select a perfect course of study and a college or university based on market trends, needs, prospects, financial budget and other relevant important aspects. This is followed up with assisting students in making applications to colleges/universities, advising them on acceptance of offer, visa submission and on and off campus accommodation arrangement and giving all the necessary information

We offer fully-comprehensive consulting services, offering clients expert advice and ground-breaking solutions. We further assist with accommodations, Travel, and Transportation if required. From the very beginning, we are successfully working with many international universities, colleges and organizations around the globe.

We are proud to show some of our achievements like we are a gold certified member of Uniagents. We are also a member of Foreign Admission & Career Development Consultants Association of Bangladesh (FACD-CAB).

Our Mission

OUR MISSION In order to continue our contribution for building better community and life, we translate our vision through the activation of our skills and work with integrity and transparency, to consolidate the following grounds. Expanding our scope of operations and activities through signing partnership agreements with global partners which will enable us to improve our products and services. Developing…

Our Vision

Our vision is Globalization of Higher Education and to take it to the doorsteps of all potential students around the country. We are committed to be an influential company at the local, regional and global market by the vitality of its staff, competitive performance and the quality of its products and services. We also committed to be an integrated to bring lobalization of Education and Skilled Workforce. activities in the fields of

Our Services

Today our service is extended to serving as a one-stop Difarent Universities advisory and placement centre, providing free, comprehensive educational counselling to parents and students seeking professional advice on further education ranging from school, pre-university to tertiary level. provides different Services in the Domain of Education Resources Management.


Accurate Educare will work with the customer to develop the most appropriate benefit plans. These plans include, but not limited, Our career counselors can help students in choosing the right path to build their career, to the following: Program: Fundamentals of Human Resources Strategic, Human Resources Planning Performance, Management and Appraisal Recruitment,…

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Since 2018

Worldwide Education & Migration Services-Accurate Educare (AEC) began its business operation as an Overseas Education Consultancy as well as Immigration service and solution providing business on July 22, 2018. It was initiated to bring Globalization of Education and Skilled Workforce. It had started a pioneering effort to ensure that aspiring students across Bangladesh have access to quality education from the top ranked and distinguished universities and colleges around the World.

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We provide the services that are the best for a student who wants to go abroad for higher study and fulfil his dream. You need to focus on your dream and we will provide you the smoothest journey to it.

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We are a one stop solution. Accurate Educare (AEC) is all you need to go to your dream university for higher study.
There is a list of process you need help and we will help you there.

Accurate Educare's service is fast, reliable and efficient. Their consultants are specialists, working closely with all universities and, through our consultants' advice and application assistance, WE was able to receive offers from my favoured universities.

Admission Consultation

Get the best admissions consultants for your higher study in abroad to perfect your application

Immigration Consultation

Get immigration legal advice from our experienced lawyer to guide your every steps and help you to reach your goals.

Scholarship Guidelines

For different scholarship program we take different selection criteria-wise effective proven Approach.

Documentation Support for Visa

We provide Guidance about the documents you need for your particular type of visa application.

“an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Over 3 Years Of Experience In Student Consultancy

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Steps towards journey

Choosing programme

Assistance in selecting the best Program & Institution, Student counseling

Apply to the University

Submitting application to institution/s on behalf of the students.

Document Preparation

Visa guidance and assistance in document preparation, Statement of Purpose, visa questionnaire and interview.

arrival services

Providing after visa Services like Air ticket, airport pickup, accommodation, opening bank account etc.

required skill sets to students globally

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We are here to help guide you through each step of the application process to any university, language school or college.

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